Dr Kanwar Aditya Baloria

Dr Baloria has over 12 years experience in Superspeciality Cardiac Care having worked in some of the top most corporate hospitals in the country such as Max Superspeciality Hospital Saket and Fortis Escorts Hospital. He has been trained in Cardiac Transplant and Heart failure at the prestigious Schulich School of Medicine, Canada and has been Board certified in Cardiac Echocardiography by both the Canadian and American Board of Echocardiography.

Areas Of Interest

Dr Balorias principal areas of interest is Cardiac non-invasive diagnostics. He is considered one the top most Trans Esophagheal Echocardiography specialists in the country. He is a national proctor for Trans Esophageal Echocardiography for the Indian Association of Cardiac Thoracic Anesthesiologists. His principal specilaity is echocardiographic assesment of cardiac function, valvular disaeses and improvement of cardiac mechanics following angioplasty and/or bypass surgery & the failing heart. He has extensive experience in assesment of major vascular diseases.

Appointment with Dr Baloria

Appointments with Dr Baloria is available at The Honest Cardiology Clinic , from Monday to Saturday. Appointments have to be prebooked. Only 10 appointment slots are available everyday for cardac diagnostics. Please carry all your previous medical documents while you come in for an appointment.


High BP & Diabetes is the No.1 cause of heart disease and proper control can prevent the onset of heart problems. Consult us today.

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Angiography & stenting need to be discussed with impartial specilaists before embarking on them. Trust us to give you an honest opinion.

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Have a detailed consultation with ou specalists and discuss your angiography before undertaking a major surgery like bypass grafting.

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We are Delhi/NCR's top superspecialist group providing second opinion on every cardiac ailment.

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