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Superspeciality Consultations on all topics realted to Cardiac Disease.

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High BP & Diabetes is the No.1 cause of heart disease and proper control can prevent the onset of heart problems. Consult us today.

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Angiography & stenting need to be discussed with impartial specilaists before embarking on them. Trust us to give you an honest opinion.

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Have a detailed consultation with ou specalists and discuss your angiography before undertaking a major surgery like bypass grafting.

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We are Delhi/NCR's top superspecialist group providing second opinion on every cardiac ailment.

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Meet our Experts


Dr Neerav Bansal

Dr Bansal is currently Senior Consultant in Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Escorts Hospital. He has trained in some of the top most Institutions in India and has been practising as a Heart Specialist in Delhi-NCR for over 13 years now.

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Dr Biju Sivam Pillai

Dr Pillai is currently Senior Consultant in Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Escorts Hospital. He has 13 years of deep experience in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery at some of the leading corporate hospitals in Delhi-NCR.

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Dr Aditya Baloria

Dr Baloria has trained in India and Canada and is considered one of the foremost experts in Echocardiography in the country today having already obtained his US Board Certification.He is currently Senior Consultant at Fortis Escorts.

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